ECNow has been developed by Tailored Computer Systems Pty Ltd as the core of a suite of electronic commerce modules. Essentially it is an EDI translator which permits suppliers and/or manufacturers to trade electronically with EDI customers. The full range of EDI/B2B documents are handled e.g. Purchase Order, PO Acknowledgement/Change, Advance Shipping Notice, Invoice, etc.
ECNow may be run as a stand-alone product or integrated with your in-house order-entry system.

If required, a companion product, PackNow, provides the full scan packing functionality required to meet the B2B requirements of Australian retailers.

Our ECNow software includes full communications facilities for connection to TCS’s EDI messaging facility via FTP over the internet, plus one EDI Kit of your choice. Full VAN interconnection is available.

A range of EDI Kits are available that have been customized for trading with specific retailers and include Purchase Order Acknowledgement and/or Invoice generation where required:

Application Kits are available for interfacing with wide range of order-entry / accounting systems:

ECNow is available as a pre-configured EDI solution with one EDI kit or as a full B2B solution with many EDI kits and of the application interface kits.