Litigation Guardian

Litigation Guardian forms the basis for all your electronic document processing and lodgement requirements for the Courts’ EDI Service, now and in the future. “Complaint”, “Default Order Request”, “Warrant to Seize Property” and “Summons for Oral Examinations” documents can be lodged for the Victorian Civil Magistrates’ Court.

Litigation Guardian is a PC/Windows based software program that provides all facilities required for the creation and electronic lodgement of court documents via the Department of Justice Victoria “Courts EDI Service”. Unlike "web based" solutions, all your sensitive client data is securely stored in-house on your computer.

How does it work?

  1. Simply key in the facts of the matter, Litigation Guardian guides you and verify your data
  2. All your costs are automatically claimed & a verification report printed
  3. Then, at the press of a button, Litigation Guardian will electronically “mail” your documents
  4. Next day, Litigation Guardian retrieves your EDI response messages
  5. Accepted documents, including all associated forms, are then be printed ready for serving
  6. Exact filing fees are automatically debited by the Department from an account specified by you

It couldn’t be easier!

Major Benefits:

  • Prepare Today, serve tomorrow - improves collection rate and your cash flow
  • Overnight document acceptance - no postal or processing delays, no more waiting in queues
  • Drop-down lists for selection of client data & precedents
  • Automatic calculation of all claimable costs - eliminates expensive look-up errors from complex fee tables & eliminates unclaimed fees
  • Fees calculated automatically & directly debited - no more writing out cheques & full reconcillation reports provided
  • Drop down lists to eliminate errors save typing and help ensure accuracy of data. e.g. ACN integrity checking
  • All data pre-validated to ensure compliance with the Department’s validation rules - virtually eliminates document rejections
  • Data keyed only once & automatically transferred to subsequent documents