PackNow is a fully compliant scan packing facility that enables you to simplify your warehouse procedures and significantly reduce packing errors. PackNow may be used to ensure that all sales orders (both EDI and non-EDI) are accurately picked & packed then shipped in a timely manner.

PackNow may be used for scan packing your non-EDI customers or when coupled with ECNow it provides a complete solution for electronic commerce (B2B) trading with all Australian EDI retailers.

After importing and validation of sales orders, the order to be packed is simply selected by scanning a barcode at the top of the pick list. Products can then be scanned individually, in quantity lots, by carton or automatically via product, store or order. Keyboard commands, mouse selection or an optional barcode scanner may be used as desired to “scan” your products.

Products for the selected order may be displayed sorted by stock-code, barcode or store. Pick lists are automatically grouped by store when specified by your customer. Delivery may be either Direct to Store or to a central DC as specified in the purchase order. Any transport company and consignment number may be specified. Both summary and detailed consignment reports are available.

No manual labelling is required. Carton and/or Pallet (SCM) labels (containing a unique SSCC barcode) are automatically generated in the format specified by your trading partner. SCM labels may be printed on a dedicated barcode label printer or optionally on a standard A4 laser printer using peel-off labels. Transport labels, product barcodes and customer specific price tickets may also be printed.

If required, data is automatically generated for ECNow to format, validate and transmit Advance Shipping Notes (ASN or Despatch Advice) and/or Invoice EDI messages back to your customer prior to shipping.

Single user (one packing station) and multi-user (many packing stations) configurations are available. PackNow may also be integrated with a wide range of in-house order/entry applications using our range of Application Kits.